Heritage Child Development Center offers a variety of programs:

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(Must be 30 months old and completely potty-trained)      3 Day, 4 Day, 5 Day, 1/2 Day (must be pick-up by 12:30 pm) or Full Days. 

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(Must be 4 years old by September 30th)  We prefer 5 days so that children will not miss out on any of the curriculum/learning experiences but we will accept 4 Days (preferably Friday being the "off" day). We will also accept 1/2 Days for the Pre-K Program. 

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Before & After School Care

(Must be between the ages of 5 and 12 years old) School buses from Farmington, Richardson and Pearl Sample Elementary Schools will pick-up students in the morning and drop-off students here in the afternoon. Teachers will stand with students in the morning and make sure that students are on the bus and will also be available when students get off the bus. Once students are in our care: Students will each have their own storage space to keep items (book bags, lunch, coats, etc.). Students are given a snack each day, a time for physical exercise (in gym or outside) and then given time to work on homework (assisted when needed).

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Photo by diego_cervo/iStock / Getty Images

Summer Camp

We offer Summer Camp to Preschool, Pre-K and Elementary Age Students for 3 Days, 4 Days or 5 Days (1/2 days are also accepted).  A variety of activities are planned each summer which include: Summer Reading Program from the Culpeper County Library - (Elementary Age Students  will take weekly trips to check-out new books). Swim Time once a week: (Preschool students swim in small pools at Heritage while Elementary Age students travel to an area swimming pool). A variety of field trips (Farm Center, Brandy Station Fair, Zoo Trips, etc.) Each summer we use a different theme for curriculum and activities.